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The distillery team using a valinch to draw whisky direct from the cask for tasting
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Each expression has its own unique flavour profile

Experts guide

Scotch Whisky Tasting

You don’t need to be an expert in Scotch whisky to enjoy it. However we would like to offer a few tasting tips to help you understand the different styles and help you to discover the ones you’ll love.

To get started all you need is some Teacher's Scotch whisky, a glass and a little water. Nosing glasses tend to be tulip shaped as they encase the aromas directing them to your nose. So pour a dram of your favourite Teacher's and let’s get started.



Hold the glass up to the light to see the colour. Is it light in colour or dark and rich – gold, amber, mahogany? Generally speaking, the longer the whisky is aged the darker it gets.

The new made spirit that fills the barrel or cask is a clear liquid. Over time, changes in temperature and humidity cause the alcohol in the barrel to be pushed in and out of the casks’ wood. The length of time and the type of cask used during maturation all influence the colour of the whisky.


This is an essential part of the tasting experience. Swirl the Teacher's Scotch around to release the aromas and - whilst keeping your mouth slightly open - breath in the aromas through your nose. Do you smell fruits, heather, smoke?

Everyone will have their own descriptions often bringing back memories of times gone by. We suggest nosing several times as the bouquet will open and you will experience different characteristics of the whisky. To further open up the whisky, you can add a little water.


Take a sip of the whisky and let it linger in the mouth. Notice the texture. How does it feel? Dry, refreshing or strong spirited? Are the flavours the same or are there new tastes? Does the whisky change as you swallow it?


The finish refers to the amount of time that the whisky lingers on the palate once you have swallowed it. Does the flavour disappear quickly? Or does it last and the flavours evolve?

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